YDS Welcomes Five New Chapters!

This week we are welcoming five new chapters of Young Democratic Socialists that just recently received recognition. We are happy and honored to see such tremendous energy and excitement around Young Democratic Socialists, and are excited to work with our newest chapters to build the democratic socialist movement.

Building a chapter in a conservative state, University of Kentucky YDS has made tremendous progress at establishing a democratic socialist voice for students and working people in the UK campus community. They will continue to build the power of working people by opposing cuts to medicaid on the state level in Kentucky and fighting for a university budget that addresses the needs of the community. Follow UK-YDS on Facebook.

YDS Hofstra at Hempstead, NY has set some clear goals to building democratic socialism on campus. They attribute their growth and success to their goals of enacting “serious socialist reform through meaningful strategy”. In the short term they intend to focus on educating their members and the broader community on the values of democratic socialism as part of building the influence of these ideas in the greater Long Island area. Going forward they will be building relationships with feminist, anti-racist, and labor groups, as well as continuing their relationship with the Queens Branch of Democratic Socialists of America. Follow YDS Hofstra on Twitter and Facebook.

YDS University of Minnesota had this to say in their founding statement: “Minneapolis is traditionally a very liberal city, and the UMN campus is no exception. There is a growing sentiment under president Trump that things need to change, and inspired by the Bernie campaign there are many students looking to get involved in politics and activism outside of the democratic party and DFL. Democratic socialism appeals to us because it espouses democracy, cooperation, and is firmly rooted in gender equality, racial justice, and environmental justice.” Follow YDS-UMN on Twitter.

Michigan State University YDS has been organizing since the spring of last year, and want to take the next step in becoming an official chapter of YDS. MSU-YDS has a core membership of “radical leftists and amazing people”. All self-taught socialists, they are committed to the ideals of democratic socialism and a economic and political system that is actually run by the people and for the people. We are working to educate our peers about the evils of capitalism and socialism as an alternative. Follow MSU-YDS on Facebook.

Yale Democratic Socialists is starting a chapter because “we believe that democratic socialism is a necessary condition for not only economic justice, but justice of all kinds”. They intend to fight for justice for all communities, including racial justice, feminism, and queer liberation. They hope to encourage democratic socialist principles at Yale and in New Haven by organizing their members to activist events, developing a democratic socialist ideology through regular reading groups, and engaging the community by hosting left-wing speakers. They will be connecting up with YDS Chapters across the country to share experiences and methods for building the democratic socialist movement. Follow Yale Democratic Socialists on Facebook.