2017 YDS Annual Conference

Young Democratic Socialists, youth-wing of Democratic Socialist of America, is excited for our upcoming 2017 Annual Conference in Chicago, August 3-6th. YDS will be debating priorities and resolutions, and electing a new national leadership to help usher the organization into a new period of campus activism.

This year, the YDS Annual Conference will be held alongside the DSA National Convention. It will be at the same location at the same time, and the YDS Conference will be part of the overall programming for the DSA Convention. All members are encouraged to attend. If you are a YDS member, RSVP on the Facebook event for the Conference so you can stay posted about information and updates for the conference.

Below is an informational guide for the conference. Here you can find logistical information on registration, travel, housing for the conference, along with more info regarding submissions for the conference itself. Learn how you can flex your rights as a YDS member and help shape the future of our organization.

Registration & Housing for the Conference

Registration and housing are now open for the conference. Dorms for housing, while you are in Chicago, are available but there will be a fee. Register as soon as you can!

Student Registration for the conference can be found here.

Scholarships for financial aid can be found here.

Registration for housing can be found here.

Guidelines for 2017 YDS Annual Conference

An open submission period for the YDS Annual Conference shall begin Friday, June 16th and end Sunday, July 9th. The YDS-CC shall then compile a 2017 YDS Annual Conference Bulletin, which will contain candidate statements, amendments, resolutions, and Activist Agendas proposals, which have met the standards making them eligible for a vote. These materials will be issued in the form of a “YDS Conference Bulletin”, to be made available by July 13th. There will also be a printed version made available to all attendants the day of the conference, including any relevant additions.

Running for YDS Coordinating Committee

YDS elects its own national leadership every year in the form of the Coordinating Committee (CC). The CC directs the activities, fundraising, publications, education, general political direction and coalition work of YDS. The CC is composed of two co-chairs, and four at-large members. The co-chairs of YDS share a seat on the National Political Committee of DSA as well as the National Steering Committee. At least 50% of the CC must be self-identified women (including one of the co-chairs), and at least 50% of the CC must also be people of color. CC Candidates require three (3) nominations in order to be eligible for election. You must be a DSA member in good standing and younger than 31 years old in order to nominate a candidate.

YDS will elect two (2) Co-Chairs and four (4) At-Large members for the CC at the Conference. Candidates may choose to run for Co-Chair or At Large. Co-Chairs will be asked to make a significantly greater time commitment than at-large members. Only candidates who are willing to devote 10-12 hours a week to national YDS work should consider running for Co-Chair.

Candidates for Co-Chair will be voted on first at the YDS Conference election. Any candidates that do not win their election for Co-Chair will be added to the pool of candidates for At-Large seats.

In order to be eligible, nominees must:

  • Be below the age of 31 years old.

  • Be enrolled as students as of either spring semester ‘16-’17, or fall semester ‘17-’18.

  • Be a dues paying member of DSA in good standing.

  • Receive 3 nominations from dues-paying DSA members in good standing under the age of 31.

Ideal candidates for the Coordinating Committee are members of active YDS chapters or organizing committees and willing to devote time to doing national work for YDS, even if that means de-prioritizing local work.

The YDS-CC especially encourages women, gender non-binary, and people of color to run for CC.

 To nominate a candidate for CC, please fill out the nomination form which can be found here.

Activist Agenda, Resolutions, and Amendments

YDS will also be taking submissions for the Activist Agenda, Resolutions, and amendments to the YDS National Constitution.

Activist Agenda. Every year YDS decides its overall political priorities in the form of the Activist Agenda. It will set the campaigning priority and direction for YDS in the coming year. It is similar to the "Priorities Resolution" for DSA. Only one Activist Agenda submission will pass at the YDS Conference. The proposal that receives the most votes will pass. You can see last year’s “Towards an Anti-Racist Socialism” Activist Agenda here.

Resolutions are documents that either inform the policy of Young Democratic Socialists or direct the organization to take some sort of clear action. Resolutions cannot compel the organization to violate the constitution or bylaws of YDS or DSA (that would require an amendment). Resolutions must receive 50% plus 1 of eligible votes at the conference itself to pass.

Amendments are documents that change or add language of the YDS Constitution or Bylaws. As a youth section of Democratic Socialists of America, some of our bylaws are pursuant to the constitutions of DSA, and may require amendments to the DSA Constitution in order to change. Amendments must receive 2/3rds of eligible votes at the conference itself to pass.

Submission form for Activist Agenda can be found here.

Submission form for Resolutions can be found here.

Submission form for Amendments can be found here.

All submissions for Activist Agenda, Resolutions, or Amendments require one (1) sponsor and two (2) signatories. The sponsor is the principal author and will control the draft through the process of coming to a vote at the YDS Conference. The signatories may or may not agree en total with the content and substance of the resolution, but do want to see the submission reach the floor of the conference.

For questions or any additional information please contact Ryan Mosgrove, National Youth Organizer for YDS, at rmosgrove(a)dsausa.org

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