Reflection & Photos: YDS15

Young Democratic Socialists 2015: Toward a Democratic Left (#YDS15) took place between February 13-15 in New York City. Over 100 YDS and young DSA members registered and attended the event throughout the weekend. Attendees took part in over a dozen plenaries and workshops, including "Socialists at the Ballot Box," "Propaganda," "Organizing in the South," and more. Noelle Nieves Flynn, co-founder of Young Democratic Socialists - Northampton Community College, reflects on her time at YDS15 below:
Noelle Nieves Flynn, YDS_NCCThe only conferences I had ever been to before were sci-fi conferences, to accompany friends. When I heard about Young Democratic Socialists 2015, I decided that this was my chance to finally participate in something that I was personally passionate about: democratic socialism...

YDS15 was just as awesome as I expected it to be. The organizers had planned every event, from workshops to help build organizing skills, to prominent DSA speakers. There was nothing more fun than being surrounded by other students and activists, some new to socialism and others seasoned organizers and speakers.

Being able to take part in the winter conference is something I would encourage anyone questioning capitalism to do, even if they aren't yet decidedly socialist. Hearing about how socialism works, and being around a network as supportive as YDS, helped me remember that even though things can get tough, I can always depend on other democratic socialists. I would definitely go again, and hopefully be able to inspire others to take their first step towards changing the world.

Noelle Nieves Flynn (@YDS_NCC) is a co-founder of the YDS chapter at Northampton Community College in Bethlehem, PA.