Special Report from the 2015 YDS Conference!

By Hope Adair and Brandon Payton-Carillo
Cross-posted from The Modern Socialist
Brandon and Dustin leading a workshop on Propaganda / The Modern Socialist

We are nearing the end of our sojourn up into the freezing north in the name of Socialism! We would be home already but…. snow happened, in a big way, so we are staying warm in DC until (hopefully) later this afternoon. The good news, lovely comrades, is that this gives us time to reflect on our conference experiences.

First off, what an incredible group of people! It is so exciting to see young socialists engaging in frank and serious discussions of this caliber. Highlights included group discussions with Joseph Schwartz, Neal Meyer, and David Duhalde, among others, and break out sessions covering a range of topics. We were happy to be in attendance, and led sessions on Organizing in the South and Propaganda. Emphasis this year was on the importance of Intersectionality and developing strong local chapters nationwide, both goals that stand to help the DSA position itself better in the long run.

That’s all for now, I’m sure we will be posting a more thorough report after we get settled in. Cheers!

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