Write for The Activist!

By The Activist Editorial Committee

I say, this blog is quite riveting, isn't it Winston?Marx and Engels / Marxist.com

The Activist is back, and we want to hear what you have to say! We accept many different kinds of articles that encourage Socialist thinking; analyses of current events, report backs from your community, and more theoretical pieces are all welcome. To submit, email us at theactivist@dsausa.org.

For more details on how your article should be framed, if you want it published on The Activist read more…

Format and Content:

  1. Length should be 500-600 words for a longer blog piece, or alternatively, a smaller piece with a paragraph and a link to an article/YouTube video, etc. can be submitted to The Activist as well.

  2. Content of the blog pieces should be politically relevant to the Democratic Socialist agenda, and function as political guidelines on different issues in society.  In other words; think about what a Democratic Socialist position would be on the topic you are writing about.

  3. Language should be clear and concise and generally easily accessible.

  4. Provide an image with your article via hyperlink. Remember to appropriately credit to where the image has been taken from.

  5. All pieces will be signed according to how the author wishes to be identified. In addition to the name, a one-line identifier describing your position in relation to the issue is required; i.e. Why are you especially knowledgeable about the topic? Are you a member of YDS, if so, which chapter?

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