Jack” [Reed]


I recently agreed with David Duhalde that the left should be careful in the tone it adopts towards Obama.  I myself had some second thoughts about the specific situation and eventually conceded some ground in the spirited debate that followed his post, but I still think that much of the left’s attitude towards Obama maybe justified, but it won’t do much to grow the ranks of those to left of the Democratic Party.

Now, even though I promised that I would avoid attacking fellow American progressives for sometime (we are a small family afterall), I couldn’t help but comment on the fact that two groups that use to be forces on the American Left, and that are now mere shells of their former selves, have taken up the habit of attacking without warrant, other sections of the left.

First it was the Socialist Workers’ Party accusing the International Socialist Organization and others of anti-Semitism for their support of divestment and boycotting of Israel. 

And now it’s the CP-USA calling Obama more progressive than FDR, attacking the celebrated journalist Liza Featherstone, claiming that the labor movement in American doesn’t have to become more militant, pushing a compromise on EFCA and rambling on about other things.

My thanks to the great Doug Henwood for having the audacity to read People’s Weekly World and post about the article on the LBO-list.

So what do you guys say--- we don’t want a cynical left, but isn’t it worse to have a naive one?

(or am I just an idiot for caring what fringe groups like this say and do anyway?)

And to answer my question, probably join another socialist organization.

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