The Movement Starts Here

Hey everyone, my name is Kolt Day. Recently, my article/essay “Money, the God” was published on The Activist. I'm excited to announce that since then, in coöperation with Sean Bailey and The Activist, I've been given the fantastic opportunity to write a weekly column to be titled “The Movement Starts Here”.

I'll get into the nitty gritty of exactly what this column entails in a second, but first I owe readers a personal introduction.

A disclaimer: when it comes to things that I would describe myself as, democratic socialist is not the first on the list. For all intents and purposes, I actually have the end goal of anarcho-syndicalism. But with this slightly differing viewpoint comes two important things to note: the experience behind it, and the acknowledgement of the necessity of democratic socialism.

On experience: I used to be a hardline right-libertarian. In fact, I wrote an essay titled Radicalismo about the change that I undertook going from hard right to hard left. Since then my days as a libertarian, I've covered many bases with my political ideology from neoliberalism to social democracy to Luxembergism, before finally settling comfortably in my anarcho-syndicalist tendencies where I've been ever since. I've been in so many different political mindsets and slowly deconstructed each to get to where I'm at, which means I've got an incredibly strong and critical base and a thorough understanding of both the ideology and economics behind each. At the end of it all, I've got one major goal: destroying the impassable stronghold that is capitalism.

On necessity:  a realization that perhaps I and the democratic socialists are coming from the same place. We’ve got a desire for change, but the violent revolution and overthrow of Marxist-Leninism and many anarchist pine for would spell disaster. In a world with constantly advancing military technology, defense treaties, and heavy-handed civilian firearm laws, it'd be nigh impossible to actually start and maintain a revolution, especially in the richest and most militaristic planet on earth. This is not late 18th century France or America, and this is not feudal Russia. Muskets and cannons will no longer do it. As events unfold, it becomes increasingly more evident that the way forward is through a combination of working-class agitation followed by electing socialists and changing the system from the inside.

So that's where we converge: a common desire for socialism and the knowledge that violence is not the way to attain it.

Don't misunderstand me, I'm not a reformist by any means I desire revolution. Not violent revolution, however. I desire the mass and swift agitation of the proletariat, and the insertion of socialism into our political structures.

As much as I dislike the social democracy of Bernie Sanderssimply because it leads to dulling radicalism, his movement shows that this approach can work. Since Sanders has caught steam, the term “Berniecrats” has arisen, and numerous people have mounted campaigns on Sanders’ platform.

What is to stop this from happening with genuine economic democracy and social change?

The Sanders campaign has already made people very aware of exploitation by Wall Street and the (0.)1%; the awareness of exploitation by the bourgeois will follow if we work for it. 

And with that in mind, we reach the zenith of this column. “The Movement Starts Here” is intended to be incendiary and agitative, and I'll be covering anything that shows the exploitation in our current system. I'll cover voter disenfranchisement, grassroots movements, capitalism’s connection to global crises, the greed of the upper class, and, on slow weeks, I'll likely even systematically pick apart capitalism. 

These articles are meant to be enjoyable and shareable: something you could show a liberal friend to either incite them to rage against the system or trip over themselves to defend it.

I'm so very pleased to watch this go forward, and I can't wait to see how this column plays out.

With all of that said, I'll see you all next Wednesday.


In solidarity,

Kolt Day

next week's column

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Political Context

This Presidents’ Day weekend, the Young Democratic Socialists will gather for our annual winter conference in New York City titled Revolution at the Crossroads: Igniting the Socialist Resistance Against Trump. We did not choose the name lightly. In doing so, we call for leftists to collectively confront Trump and Trumpism at every possible opportunity. When a Trump administration attempts mass deportations of undocumented workers, when it attempts to register Muslims or roll back worker protections, when it attempts to take away reproductive, LGTBQ, civil, or any other rights, then we must militantly resist to prevent such measures.

To succeed, this must be explicitly socialist resistance. With liberalism having repeatedly shown itself incapable of combating the far right, it is now the time for socialists to openly declare our place in building the mass, multi-racial, and working class movement necessary for defeating the Trump administration. In this struggle, millennials will play an outsized role. That is why this conference comes at such a critical time—together we must create spaces for democratic and strategic discussion, spaces to gain organizing skills, and most importantly, spaces to form networks of young radicals for the future struggles ahead. These spaces will only come together if socialists come together. Join us this Presidents Weekend and help ignite the movement to defeat the Trump administration, continue the political revolution, and build the socialist alternative.

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