The Danish Way


This article, in MarketWatch of all places, suggests that American policymakers reconsider their traditional attitudes toward the welfare state and taxation, given that the happiest countries in  the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development's "life satisfaction" rankings provide their citizens with generous social programs. Despite their long winters, mediocre cuisines and grim Protestant heritage, Scandinavian countries are among the happiest in the world.

These countries are far from perfect, but their real accomplishments serve as examples of how a little bit more socialism makes people quite a bit more happy.  As Bernie Sanders recently put it:

Our role as progressives is to remind our country that alternatives are possible, that social democratic movements in Northern Europe and elsewhere have secured universal access to quality healthcare and have effectively abolished the kinds of poverty and homelessness we see in our society. This will not happen on its own: it will require popular engagement and organization. But the changing political landscape has provided us with an opportunity to advance the cause of social and economic justice.

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