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A Leftist Case Against the Federal Minimum Wage

One of the staples of the American left is an increase in the minimum wage. However, I don’t align with the esteem. I see it as I see many things social democrats and the “progressives” present: as a stalemate and a pacifier for anti-capitalist thought.

My growing distaste for minimum wage raises isn’t based out of illogical conservative mumbo-jumbo about “inflation” or “unemployment”, baseless assertions that are grounded in neither historical fact nor empirical observation. Rather, it comes from the fact that a minimum wage increase lessens the need for workers in every industry to band together to have their voices heard and thus puts a stopgap against the unionization and camaraderie necessary for socialism.

Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s a necessary immediate solution. But there’s no validity to it as an end-game.

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Letter to the Intersectional Left

by Jack Suria Linares

The following expresses a potential, and rather vague, guide for the ongoing revolution alongside a description of why those of us genuinely invested in the struggle for social are experiencing growing anxieties of love and rage. Hopefully, while it may not depict the future desired, it may provide the strength to create an immense, long lasting, flame capable of beginning a new slate.

I write this for those of us wholeheartedly invested in a political revolution capable of eliminating the ongoing exploitation of people’s labor and contributions, but more explicitly eradicating the overwhelming systemic dehumanization of people of color. We are living in a time of existential crisis that cannot be answered by a mere vote.

It was never about Bernie.

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YDS-CC Statement on Bernie Sanders' Endorsement of Hillary Clinton

The Young Democratic Socialists understands, but does not follow, why Senator Bernie Sanders ultimately made the political maneuver to endorse Hillary Clinton for President in the face of a Trump candidacy. Regardless of our agreements and disagreements with the Sanders endorsement, or continuing to debate the presidential candidate to vote for, now is the time to consider what we as a movement will do to make real change happen. We are in a pinnacle moment where we can direct our Bernie energy where it matters. It is time to put our feet on the ground and do some real grassroots organizing.

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The Case for Common Care

Living in the South, the modus operandi is literally simply “freedom”. Freedom to own guns, freedom to practice religion, freedom to eat whatever and live wherever without anybody giving two shakes of a stick at you. Perhaps the most revered is the freedom to say what you want even if it’s unpopular, something that applies nigh universally in the South and has saved my skeptical socialist rear more times than I can count just because even if I don’t like the redneck with the rebel flag and he doesn’t like me, it’s common politesse — and, more importantly, seen as the height of personal liberty — to be allowed to disagree as we do, down here.

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YDS at the People's Summit

by Meghan Brophy

From June 17-19, 3,000 activists from coast to coast gathered in Chicago at The People’s Summit to discuss building and strengthening progressive movements.  According to the organizers, “From the speakers’ podiums to discussion tables and workshops to trainings on everything from building independent politics to the digital political revolution to how to carry out civil disobedience, it was evident there was overwhelming unity of vision and a common commitment to solidarity in creating change.”

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From Sanders to the Grassroots

August 05, 2016 · $100.00 USD
National 4-H Conference Center in Chevy Chase, MD

From Sanders to the Grassroots

"From Sanders to the Grassroots: Continuing the Political Revolution Among the Student Left" is a unique conference bringing together the Young Democratic Socialists and the College Students for Bernie. With millennials more open to democratic socialism than any other youth generation, these two groups are collaborating to best unite new progressive energy growing on campuses. Learn more here on the conference page of "From Sanders to the Grassroots."