YDS Statement in Support of Democracy for All Amendment

Drafted by Jacob Curry
Image from PFAW site

In support of the Democracy for All Amendment petition by People for the American Way:

The time has come for us to kick big money out of politics and take our democracy back. To that end, a coalition of over 28 nonprofits, labor unions, communities of faith and other progressive organizations are working towards gathering 5 million signatures on a petition calling for a constitutional amendment to overturn the disastrous Citizens United v. FEC before its 5th anniversary. Since the Citizens United decision, over 550 towns, 16 states, and 200 members of Congress are officially in favor of amending the Constitution. In September 2014, the US Senate debated a proposed amendment for a week with 55 senators going on the record in favor of overturning Citizens United.

YDS supports this effort to rid our political system of big money. When money from wealthy donors is able to sway elections and create politicians beholden to their capitalist masters, democracy is corrupted. As socialists, it is our job to ensure that democratic principles are upheld. One person, one vote. When the wealthy run the system, an oligarchy is what you have. As socialists, we want democracy and to that end we support this petition.

Sign the petition for the Democracy for All Amendment (SJ Res 19) and tell Congress that we want big money out of politics. We want our democracy back!

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People for the American Way is aiming for a goal of 5 million signatures by January 21, 2015. Help us spread the word by sharing this post!

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