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By The Activist Editorial Committee

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In the week in a half since we published a call for submissions, we have received several new articles. That’s great! Unfortunately, we realized that we omitted several critical pieces of information from that posting.

First of all, our initial word limit was much too low. One of our own editors published a piece which spans over 900 words. So we are revising our suggested word count to between 500 and 1000 words. Note the use of “suggested.” These are not absolute limits. We do not want to read a piece that’s argument has been painfully contorted to fit an arbitrary word count. However, if you find it impossible cut your article down to a reasonable size, or alternatively can’t think of more than three sentences worth saying, The Activist may not be the right venue for your piece.

If you really love an idea but are having trouble making it work, don’t give up! Send us an email at with a summary of your article. We are more than happy to work with writers to make sure they publish their very best work. One of the core functions of The Activist is to serve as an avenue for young socialists to improve their writing. We want to help! To that end, we edit all submissions with a critical eye, picking apart your argument and structure. Please do not be offended if we respond to you article with a laundry list of suggested changes. We at The Activist want each and every submission to be as high quality as possible before being published. After all, nothing can ever truly be removed from the internet.

Finally, please do not smother us in dead white men. Theory is great in small doses. A thousand words about Marx and Hegel is suffocating and unlikely contribute anything new. Give us something interesting, something colorful, something offbeat. What is happening in your community? We want to hear what your chapter has been up to. We want to know what is happening in your neighborhood, your town, even if there is no connection to the YDS or DSA. We are interested in your experiences, your travels, your thoughts. Critique the latest hit song from a feminist perspective. Analyze this summer’s big blockbuster with a socialist lens. Blast supposed leftist politicians or celebrities for being fakes or sell-outs. But remember, Marxist polemic is formulaic and often irrelevant. Try to stay fresh.

Looking forward to editing your submissions,

The Activist Editorial Committee

P.S. Everything published on this blog is solely the author’s opinion, unless specifically noted otherwise.

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