Studying Kyriarchy in Academy

By Melody Yee
Intersectionality /

Kyriarchy refers to the interlocking systems of oppression which characterize modern society. Any hierarchical social relationship in which the domination of one group by another is internalized and institutionalized is encompassed by the term Kyriarchy.

Academia is commonly understood to be an objective institution, but the walls of the University can not filter out the Kyriarchical aspects of our society. Racism, sexism, homophobia, and ableism are all examples of oppressions which are reproduced within academia, the denial of tenure being a clear example in which they matter.

My research partner, Jing Mai, and I are independently researching the effects that these intersectional oppressions have on the psychological and physical health of women of color in higher education. We invite all self-identified women who were or are postdoctorates, graduate students, adjunct lecturers, and tenured or untenured professors to participate in this study. As socialists, it is imperative that we recognize and fight all oppressions where we see them.

If you would like more information about this study or would like to participate, please contact Melody Yee at

Melody Yee is a student at UC Davis and a member of the Davis YDS Chapter.

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