YDS Statement on Hong Kong Protests

By the YDS Coordinating Committee

Umbrella-wielding protesters barraged with pepper spray / Mashable

We support and are inspired by the student protesters in Hong Kong. Since 1997, the National People’s Congress of the PRC has promised that the people of Hong Kong would experience truly democratic elections. This year, however, the CCP announced that the slate of candidates for this year's elections would be vetted by Beijing to ensure they prioritize the interests of Hong Kong’s capitalist class. 

The Hong Kong Federation of Students organized a protest of 13,000 college students and 1,500 secondary school students in support of democracy. The protesters demand open and free elections, the removal of CY Leung, Chief Executive of Hong Kong, and the resignation of Police Chief Tsang Wai-hung.

We stand in solidarity with both the student protestors and the voices from the left, including, but not limited to, the Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions and Left21. The people of Hong Kong have spoken, and it is time for Beijing to respond in full compliance with their demands.

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