YDS Statement On Ferguson

By the YDS-Coordinating Committee

Hands up but they're shooting anyway / The Independent via Getty

The murder of Michael Brown by the Ferguson police was a tragedy that has affected us all. YDS understands that police violence is not limited to individual police officers or departments, but rather part of a larger bourgeois structure that has existed historically to keep working class people, especially African Americans, under a constant and barbaric state of surveillance.

The attempts by the Ferguson police and others to justify the killing of an unarmed 17 year old by demonizing him in the media must stop. When white cattle ranchers led by Cliven Bundy staged an armed insurrection, no-one was shot or killed. When so-called “guns rights activists” carried assault rifles into public places, endangering the safety of everyone around them, including children, nobody was shot or killed. When James Egan Holmes entered a theater in Aurora, Colorado and opened fire, injuring 82 and killing 12, he was arrested peacefully and made to stand trial. The message that police forces are sending is that the lives of black people are worth less than any other.

Now is not the time for neoliberal 'solutions' to police. We support the demilitarization of all police forces and call for greater citizen oversight of the police who are meant to serve them so that communities can police themselves rather than be occupied. We demand that officer Darren Wilson be made to stand trial for murder. We stand in solidarity with the people of Ferguson and call for answers to their demands.

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