Solidarity with the Muslim Community

A statement by the YDS Coordinating Committee, drafted by Kayla Pace.

History has shown us that fear-mongering and hatred towards certain minority groups is nothing new when it comes to political elections. Various societies over different periods of time have shown this to be true. A notable example is the hatred directed towards the Jewish community by the Nazis in Germany. Unfortunately, this year has proven that fear-mongering tactics are not for the history books but something we, as Democratic Socialists, need to fight in our current political climate. While many citizens across the nation are crying out for a Sanders presidency and the institution of more socialist policies, other more conservative Americans are crying out for Donald Trump. Young Democratic Socialists reprimands Trump’s strong anti-Muslim sentiments. In recent comments he has stated there needs to be surveillance of Muslim communities; this surveillance would potentially include a database to track them and specialized identification cards. These ideas are appalling to our ideology as socialists, and we must work tirelessly to dismiss his anti-Muslim rhetoric and show that the “values” he is spreading are not American. As a country, we should not support a candidate that is actively spreading hate among certain groups of American citizens.

Trump and his followers’ rhetoric has real implications for Muslims, immigrants, and people of color. His religious bigotry has caused attacks by Americans directed at Muslim Americans, such as the young woman being pushed in front of an oncoming subway in London. Not only are Muslim Americans being attacked, but also many Arab Americans and people of color, because they could possibly be perceived as Muslim by ignorant individuals in our society. Democratic Socialists of America is an organization known for education and action. As Young Democratic Socialists, it is now time for action against bigotry and violence perpetrated by Mr. Trump and his followers. This call to action includes local YDS chapters reaching out to Islamic mosques and Muslim student organizations to ask if and how they can help in solidarity. Another way to show solidarity is through social media; condemning Mr. Trump's comments while stating your chapter/yourself is in solidarity with the Muslim community during this time. Finally, Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) has created buttons to wear so that everyone we encounter will know that we will not stand with those who spout hatred and anti-Muslim rhetoric.