Student Labor Action Project Teams Up with YDS and CSFB this Summer!


In an unprecedented call for strategic unity, the Young Democratic Socialists and College Students for Bernie welcome the Student Labor Action Project (SLAP) as a cosponsor for “From Sanders to the Grassroots.”


SLAP’s participation in the August 5th to 7th retreat makes it an even more important gathering for the future of the student left in the United States. Now, three major student organizations are teaming up this summer and beyond for a more united progressive movement on campuses.



These three diverse student-led radical and progressive organizations represent some of the best of labor, electoral, and socialist activism on campus today.


Each group will bring a unique perspective to the conference’s overarching question: how will students continue the Political Revolution this Fall?


Don’t miss out of the discussions, skill trainings, and debates that will determine how we shall work together in the coming period!