Report from Jobs with Justice Annual Convention

Jobs with Justice is a growing network of local coalitions of labor, student, community and faith-biased organizations committed to struggle with working people for social justice. Jobs with Justice Coalitions exist in well over 40 cities and 30 states and have continued to grow in recent years. They recently hosted their annual convention in Providence, Rhode Island. The gathering, which included both YDS and DSA members, united young student activist with veterans from the union movement. YDS staff and volunteers distributed copies of The Red Letter and spoke to participants about our participation in the Student Labor Week of Action and immigrant rights activism, which included our work in concert with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers.

Participants befriended one another and gained valuable experiences about organizing tactics. The conference focused on encouraging young activists to become leaders on their respective campuses and communities’ capable of rallying other students to fight in solidarity with workers and other exploited people.

The conference wasn’t all talk. Like true activists, participants boldly took to the streets to march on the Rhode Island State House. Member organizations demonstrated against Rhode Island’s reactionary immigration policy, which has effectively turned hard-working state law enforcement and social service providers into immigration enforcements agents.

Coalitions such as Jobs with Justice demonstrate the power of unity. Diverse coalitions bound together under the common banner can build progressive movements better than they ever could have done alone. YDS is proud to be a part of the struggle for social justice and dignity for all. In the coming years we hope to only increase our visibility and participation in this struggle.

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