Reflection & Photos: Socialist Organizing Weekend 2014

The 2014 Socialist Organizing Weekend took place in Bolivar, PA between August 7-10. Over 54 YDS and young DSA members, current members and newcomers, were able to attend, making SOW14 one of the largest attended summer leadership retreat in recent YDS history. Attendees took part in over a dozen workshops, plenaries, and self-organized meetings including "Intro to Marxist Thought," "Building Better Leaders," "Advanced Online Organizing," and more. Attendees also took part in planned social activities, providing attendees with opportunities to network and have fun! Femi Agbabiaka, newly elected member of the YDS-CC, reflects on his time at SOW14 below.

When I made the decision to attend the YDS summer conference in Bolivar, PA, I had no idea what to expect. In the weeks beforehand I was working so much that I nearly forgot that I was going to the conference until a few days before hand. What I found there was revolutionary... Read more

Never before had I been around a group of people my age so dedicated to democratic socialism. There were a variety of sessions on topics ranging from project management to intersectionality, all helping me to strengthen my rhetoric and put my critique in a sound foundation of socialist theory. More rewarding than that however, was the conversations that happened outside of sessions. I got to interact with people from all over the country, and develop a greater sense of solidarity with fellow YDSers. Most importantly, I got to absorb the collective knowledge of organizing tactics from YDSers with long , and will be using that experience as I head back to school in the fall.

Femi Agbabiaka (@femiagbabiaka) is an at-large member of the YDS-Coordinating Committee and founder of the YDS chapter at University of Missouri, Columbia.