Our Cover's Blown

The jig is up. The muckrakers at Canada Free Press have uncovered the joint Democratic Socialists of America - Communist Party USA plot to take over the government through Bernie Sanders and John Conyers, the Manchurian Candidates we remotely activated on January 21, 2009. This blog's mission "to attract and indoctrinate the youth of America" has also been exposed. Apparently, even Camille Paglia is on to us. In short, we have been severely compromised.

Ever since the headquarters of the federal government were relocated to 75 Maiden Lane, Suite 505 and I was named Minister of Propaganda by the Obama/Llewellyn administration, I knew that investigative reporting about our activities would increase. But I never expected that we would be exposed so thoroughly and accurately (a little too thoroughly if you ask me - surely a traitor moves among us). Thus, I am issuing an executive order disbanding the organization and this blog immediately. We will rendezvous at our secret lair in Caracas tomorrow at 0900 hours.

Long Live Marx-Lenin-Mao-Llewellyn Thought,


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