Welcome OU YDS!


The newest chapter of the Young Democratic Socialists is at the University of Oklahoma. Read about why they are excited to be active in our network!

We want to start a chapter here because the state of Oklahoma is the apotheosis of disastrous right-wing governance: public schools can't even afford air conditioning, untold millions of untaxed oil revenue leaves the state to line the pockets of CEOS, and the state itself is literally falling apart from fracking-caused earthquakes. This state is a banana republic ruled by conservative zealots, and we want to fight for the living conditions and dignity of all the people who are abused by their governance.

We also want to start a chapter because there are a lot of leftist and left-leaning students at OU who are looking for a purpose and way of mobilizing for real progress, and we can provide that for them. We want to reach out to the many students who are searching for some kind of means of change, especially in light of Trump's election. And we want to get left-leaning students involved with the national DSA and other leftist, labor, anti-racist, and otherwise important organizations.

We want to form a democratic socialist organization because we think no compromised or centrist approach will work in fighting the massive inequality and structural injustice of the US economy. In Oklahoma, especially, we don't think anything less than a radical politics of solidarity will work in fighting the domination of the elite capitalist class.

We're excited to get started and are pretty well set to become an active chapter, but we will always be glad to have the support of the national YDS and DSA, and the ability to ask other people in the organization for advice. We look forward to getting things started here, and are glad to be able to act in solidarity with the national organization.