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YDS Mourns Our Comrade Mike Israel


Mike Israel, a former Young Democratic Socialists chapter activist and Co-Chair of the Sacramento Democratic Socialists of America, was killed fighting in Rojava on November 29th, 2016. He and another volunteer, Anton Neshek, were murdered by Turkish airplanes according to this report.


Israel was serving with the People’s Protection Units (YPG) fighting both fascism and Islamic extremism.  


Rest in power.

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New Chapters: Fall2016

The Young Democratic Socialists has four new chapters this semester just as mid-terms are coming! Learn more about new chapters at University of Oregon, University of Southern California, University of Texas at Dallas, and University of Wisconsin at Madison. If you want to start a chapter, please fill out this form

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YDS's Hannah Zimmerman in The Nation

Hannah Zimmerman was the youngest Bernie Sanders delegate in the United States. She led High Schoolers for Bernie Sanders and now sits on our Coordinating Committee, the Young Democratic Socialists national elected leadership. The Nation interviewed her and other democratic socialist Sanders delegates. Learn more about her experience and what is next for the Political Revolution here.


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YDS in "Necessary Trouble"!



Radical journalist Sarah Jaffe's new book "Necessary Trouble" chronicles and connects protest movements since the Great Recession such as the Tea Party, Occupy, Black Lives Matter, Moral Monday, Fight for Fifteen, and many more.

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Seizing the Moment: Young Socialists Take on the Old Democratic Guard

Common Dreams profiled the Young Democratic Socialists, including our Co-Chairs Kayla Pace and Spencer Brown. Check out this great article, Seizing the Moment: Young Socialists Take on the Old Democratic Guard, on how YDS is organizing millennials for socialism 

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