New Chapters: Fall2016

The Young Democratic Socialists has four new chapters this semester just as mid-terms are coming! Learn more about new chapters at University of Oregon, University of Southern California, University of Texas at Dallas, and University of Wisconsin at Madison. If you want to start a chapter, please fill out this form

University of Oregon

UOYDS.jpgThe newest chapter of the Young Democratic Socialists is a former Students for Sanders group. They are working with their local Student Labor Action Project chapter and building a coalition around Standing Rock.

University of Southern California

dapl_usc_yds.jpgA former Students for Sanders group, our new University of Southern California chapter affiliated because they saw the Young Democratic Socialists as the best way to build a leftist presence on campus. Ben Hiller, chapter member, says, “During my two years at USC, I have never seen Left representation on any political panel. Organizations with leftist causes are not given a stage; they must seize their own, through protest that often puts them at odds with the administration.”

The chapter views themselves as emancipating the USC political spectrum from the center-left all the way to the far right. They also plan on coalition building to strengthen the Left on campus and beyond. Mostly recently, they have joined others to protest the DAPL pipeline (see photo).

University of Texas at Dallas

UTD_DS_cropped.jpgUntil last week, The University of Texas at Dallaswas an independent socialist club. Recognizing the need for socialists to come together, they became our third YDS chapter in the Lone Star State. 

Chapter activist Nicholas St. John wrote to us: “Our campus needs a YDS chapter, because our students are not interested in the Democratic Party, and definitely not the Republican Party. I think that most students my age are a lot more progressive than they even realize, and I want to push our ideas out there, so they can become aware.”

(Photo of chapter debating College Republicans)

University of Wisconsin-Madison 

This new chapter emerged when several students found Young Democratic Socialists and each other at the right time. Within a few weeks, they had all joined and filled out their paperwork to start a club.