New YDS Chapter at Butler University

If you have been searching the left side of the political map at Butler and feeling alone, maybe you did not spot the tiny island called Butler Young Democratic Socialists.

For several weeks, black and white posters have boldly asked students who pass through Jordan Hall and Atherton Union, “Could you be a socialist?”

Six students and two adults, including former Butler professor Jim Wolfe, attended the first meeting of Butler YDS. Sophomore Dakota Manuel, the club’s founder sat in the center of a classroom surrounded by a colorful spread of pamphlets. He invited everyone in attendance to discuss what she thought socialism is.

YDS is genuinely interested in critically examining issues like classism, racism and anti-homophobia. The group is a radical idea for Butler.

“I marvel at how there’s no real progressivism at Butler except for on the staff,” Manuel said.

With YDS, Manuel hopes to “demystify what socialism is and try to clear up the misconceptions.”

Manuel hopes to work in tandem with other organizations on campus to host discussions on a variety of topics that interest more than the liberal side of Butler’s campus, including “the African-American experience in America, the experience of women and identity politics in general.”

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