New Assistant Youth Organizer Hired

Please join us in welcoming Ryan Mosgrove as our new Assistant Youth Organizer. Ryan will be working with the Young Democratic Socialists over the next three months to support our massive growth and our upcoming conference, Revolution at the Crossroads, this Presidents' Day Weekend (Feb 17-19) in New York City. 

RyanMosgroveBW.jpgRyan Mosgrove has over ten years of experience as a socialist activist and organizer in cities across the US. He has been involved in a diverse range of campaigns including prisoner rights, raising the minimum wage, campaigning for progressive pro-worker candidates for public office, and organizing his fellow restaurant workers into unions. He first became politically active in his home state of Florida, organizing against police brutality and for youth justice. He was active in the Occupy Movement, participating in assemblies in Boston, Philadelphia, and New York. He has firsthand experience mobilizing campaigns on campuses, including passing a student referendum at Northeastern University to raise the minimum wage for campus workers to $15 an hour, the first of its kind in the country.

If you're interested in starting a Young Democratic Socialists chapter, please fill out this form. You may also email Ryan at