National Coordinating Committee

YDS elects its own national leadership every year in the form of the National Coordinating Committee (NCC). The NCC directs the activities, fundraising, publications, education, general political direction and coalition work of YDSA. The NCC is composed of two co-chairs, and four at-large members. The co-chairs of YDSA are full members of the National Political Committee of DSA as well as the National Steering Committee. 

YDSA-NCC members are elected every summer at our annual conference, which all active, dues-paying YDSA members are invited to participate in. The YDSA-NCC works alongside DSA staff to develop programming for the organization's student body throughout the year.

2017-2018 YDSA-National Coordinating Committee
Co-Chairs then At-large members, alphabetical by last name.

Ajmal Alami, Co-Chair

I’ve been involved in YDS since I joined DSA in August of 2016, when I also started Virginia Tech’s YDS chapter. Before entering Virginia Tech as a transfer student, I immediately made contact with other groups on campus to have sit-down talks about helping start this group and to see who was interested. It was also during that first fall semester that a few other organizers and I also built a relationship with local union leaders and members to have direct insight to the labor movement in Virginia. In creating this relationship by having monthly brunches between our chapter and unions, we also wanted to be able to help workers with actions whenever requested in a display of solidarity. We’ve also done coalition work with another community group, New River Worker’s Power, and with them, I’ve helped organize a Wells Fargo bank divestment strike during the DAPL protests, where our members and faculty divested. I’ve also helped organize trailer park tenants against their greedy landlord for poor community conditions, as well as currently constructing a picket line strike for next fall to help workers at a local store have their sexually harassing and racist manager fired.


Michelle Fisher, Co-Chair

In my first year of college (2015-2016) I joined Wesleyan Democratic Socialists and attended my first YDS Winter Conference, where I officially joined DSA/YDS. I’ve since served as 2016-2017 WesDS co-chair, lead a Socialist Feminism workshop and served on the planning committee for the Summer 2016 Convention, and attended my second Winter Conference in 2017. As WesDS co-chair, I lead campaigns including NoDAPL actions and a successful fundraiser for Unidad Latina en Accion. Collaborating with United Student Labor Action Coalition, WesDS also supported UNITE HERE Local 217 food service workers’ upcoming contract renegotiations, Wesleyan bookstore workers’ fight for employment and compensation in the transition to a new campus bookstore/management, and UNITE HERE Local 33 graduate students’ fight for a union at Yale. Under my leadership, WesDS doubled our active membership and launched a reading group to expand political education.

I’m active in DSA’s Socialist Feminist and Queer Socialist Working Groups. I initiated a database to share readings about socialist feminism for publication on the Socialist Feminist Working Group Website, and I’m on the Socialist Feminist Working Group Committee that’s creating a sexual harassment/assault policy.

Elliot Geary, At-Large Member
I have been a YDS member since summer 2016. I co-founded a chapter at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and have served as its co-chair ever since. I have overseen the organization grow from a stagnant independent socialist group into a thriving and active YDS chapter. I have also attended training from DSA National and contributed to organizing material from YDS National.
I have several years of organizing experience in a variety of different areas, but focusing mainly on labor. Right now, I work for the Nashville Central Labor Council and for a local labor attorney. By working for the Central Labor Council, I have received experience under the tutelage of incredible activists and have attended formal training sessions hosted by the AFL-CIO, Labor Notes, the Gamaliel Foundation, and other organizations. I have also volunteered and organized for many local organizations and electoral campaigns in the Nashville and Chattanooga areas.

Rawan Masri, At-Large Member
I am co-president of our chapter at USC focused on solidarity work around campus and LA. I feel very heartened by people at my school telling me they've become more interested in leftism and socialism because of my organizing and tweets.
I believe I have the passion and love of working with people to hopefully make a true impact. My focus and passion is mobilizing DSA at large towards building a true anti war, anti intervention, anti imperialist movement like this country hasn't seen in decades. I believe we have the potential to organize American workers against endless war and I want to help lead the effort to do so.

Frida Perez, At-Large Member
I joined YDS in the Fall of 2016. Currently I am co-chair of the Young Democratic Socialist at UCLA. I have mostly volunteered by tutoring homeless kids with School on Wheels this last fall and building gardens at local schools alongside Enrich LA this last spring. The YDS chapter at UCLA is still in recruitment of more people, but within the last two quarters of the school year we have stood in solidarity with other groups on campus like BLM and SJP.
We have marched alongside other organizations and clubs on campus in efforts to establish a sanctuary campus, as well as going on strike with the underpaid faculty at UCLA. Most of my involvement with YDS has been through running the chapter at UCLA and focusing on issues around campus, but I have also gone out to support events held by DSA-LA.  

Sanjeev Rau, At-large Member
I attend Indiana University Bloomington. Like many, I was distraught after the most recent presidential election and wanted to channel my energy into organizing, which led to joining DSA. In December of last year, our steering committee began planning out YDS Bloomington and reaching out to local student and community organizations. We were able to connect with a diverse coalition of students, faculty, and community members by leveraging social media, hanging up posters, showing up to work with other left student organizations, and meeting with people one-on one every week.
We started with a team of only 4, but our call-out meeting brought out 60 people, and a protest our chapter helped organize of Charles Murray's visit to IU brought out hundreds. Working to disrupt Murray's speech was an important milestone in my organizing experience not only because of how successful it was, but also because it was the result of a solidarity network of student organizations that worked to make it happen and ensure that a broad range of voices were heard.
In YDS Bloomington, I serve as the vice-president, as well as the head of the political education committee, which organizes educational teach-ins.


2016-2017 YDS-Coordinating Committee
Kayla Pace, Co-Chair
Spencer Brown, Co-Chair
Meghan Brophy, At-Large Member
Jack Suria Linares, At-Large Member
Andrew Shelton, At-Large Member
Hannah Zimmerman, At-Large Member
2015-2016 YDS-Coordinating Committee
Jack Suria Linares, Co-Chair
Shelby Murphy, Co-Chair
Kayla Pace, At-Large Member
Noelle Nieves Flynn, At-Large Member
Hadi Katebi, At-Large Member
Louie Messina, At-Large Member
2014-2015 YDS-Coordinating Committee
At the 2014 Socialist Organizing Weekend, the YDS-CC added an amendment to the YDS constitution resizing the number of members from 12 to 6.
Jacob Curry, Co-Chair
Andee Sunderland, Co-Chair
Femi Agbabiaka, At-large member
Shelby Murphy, At-large member
Leah Terry, At-large member
Melody Yee, At-large member
2013-2014 YDS-Coordinating Committee
Alexandra Deane, Co-Chair
Matt Porter, Co-Chair
Daniel Santiago, Coalitions Coordinator
David Roddy, Activist Editor
James Besse, Corresponding Secretary
Deanna Wooten, People of Color Caucus Chair
Liz Wright, Working-class Caucus Chair
Tom DiNardo, LGBTQ Caucus Chair
Andee Sunderland, Women's Caucus Chair
Ian Lee, Western Regional Organizer
Jacob Curry, Southern Regional Organizer
Bryan Kovalick, Great Lakes Regional Organizer
Sarah Slichter, Northeast Regional Organizer