Milan’s New Fashion

It’s retro this year and very radical-chic in full-time corrupt business tycoon and part-time sexual deviant Silvio Berlusconi’s Italy.  Italy is going ahead with legislation to allow a civilian paramilitary group to wear fascist-era uniforms featuring the imperial eagle and an armband with a pictures of the Sonnenrad, or black-rayed sun, an image found in a castle famously used by the Nazi SS.  The new militia grouping will help beef up security and crack down on illegal immigration in Italian cities and towns.

Also last night, clad in their new fascist-brown motifed uniforms, the Italian soccer team beat a shorthanded U.S. squad 3-1.  This is why, despite whatever some members of the DailyKos crowd say, it was a misnomer to label Dubya a “fascist.”  When real fascism hits you, it hits you like a ton of bricks.  Last time the far right had a resurgence in Italy in the 1960s and 70s, the left was a powerful force able to beat it back (at least in social and cultural spheres).  That era did however feature a spate of terrorism (most blamed inexplicably on Antonio Negri) and an increase in racially motivated attacks, reason enough for any center-left social democrat to mourn the woes of today’s anti-fascist radical left.

On the other hand the cute flopping that the Italian soccer team is known the world over for and their constant whining to officials will probably give neo-fascism a terrible name.



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