Mapping the Neocons

Earlier this month, The Washington Post published a chart (below) mapping the origins and development of neoconservatism. YDSers are probably familiar with a lot of the featured personalities and institutions. The chart has appeared all over the blogosphere but I think it gets a lot of stuff wrong.

For example, I don't think National Review played a real role in the rise of the neocons and I don't believe Ayn Rand influenced National Review (since Bill Buckley hated Ayn Rand's guts). I sort of resent the fact that Bill Kristol, a lightweight cable news pundit, gets the same prominence as Max Shachtman but I guess ours is an age of mediocrity.

The media makes much of Leo Strauss' influence on the neocons. I don't know much about Strauss, but he seems to have little to do with the Commentary crowd, the Scoop Jackson ex-liberals, Shachtmanite ex-socialists, New Republic hawks and other people I consider neoconservatives.

What do y'all think? Click HERE for a full-sized image.

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