It's Filibusterin' Time!

As I write this, the Democrats in the Senate are settling in for a long night, as the Republicans use the filibuster to prevent the passage of the Levin-Reed amendment to the 2008 defense authorization bill. The amendment calls for troops to start redeploying from Iraq within 120 days.

It’s unlikely that the amendment will pass, and even if it does Bush will veto it. But this fight is still important: for the first time, the Democrats are putting Republicans on the spot about their intransigent support of Bush and the war. The majority of Americans want to end the war, so escalating the political confrontations over the war in congress are to the anti-war movement’s benefit.

United for Peace and Justice is asking people to call their Senators to demand withdrawal. You can see their callhere.

The UFPJ call makes an important point: passing Levin-Reed would be nice, but it doesn’t go nearly far enough. It’s not a total withdrawal, which is the only thing that makes any sense at this point. As long U.S. soldiers are in Iraq, they are just exacerbating a civil war, whipping up anti-American rage, and provoking terrorism. The best thing for Americans and Iraqis is to bring all the troops home, now. And not just the troops, but also the military contractors, who now make up half the total U.S. presence in Iraq.
For a summary of the case for immediate withdrawal from Iraq, check out the website for the excellent anti-war organizers at War Times.

And if you want catch Filibuster Fever, the excitement is all live on c-span.

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