Is David Horowitz Recovering from His Long Madness?


Probably not.  Here he helpfully corrects wingnuts who equate Obama with Hitler when, actually, Obama is the new Neville Chamberlain. (Who hasn't been accused of being Chamberlain these days?  Nous sommes tous Chamberlain!) Still, there are some signs that Horowitz may climb down from his lunacy to become a mere run-of-the-mill asshole.  After watching Obama's Cairo speech, I  raced to the Frontpage website for what I had hoped would be some top-shelf, sputtering apoplexy (Frontpage is basically what you'd get if a Maoist newsletter adopted the politics of Fox News). Instead I found a Horowitz piece titled  "An American Leader Stands Up for His Country." David the Lionheart Horowitz, Foe of the Saracens, loved the speech and interpreted it, correctly I think,  as a beautifully argued case for the legitimacy and goodness of American power and supremacy. Horowitz:

Conservatives will make a great mistake if they fail to see this speech for what it was, and treat it as another round in the partisan food fight. It was not an appeasement our enemies. It was a forthright statement by an American leader in a Muslim capital explaining why America is in fact the global leader in those battles that matter most to people everywhere: freedom, equality, and peace.

Also worth reading is Horowitz's moving tribute to his late daughter Sarah, who seems to have been a very remarkable person.

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