Honduran protestors slain, Zelaya prevented from returning

The military government of Honduras tightened its grip on power last night as it prevented the ousted President from landing in the capital and fired on protesters who had gathered to support him.

Manuel Zelaya’s jet circled over Tegucigalpa as he begged the Army to let him land, but troops blocked the runway with military vehicles and unleashed live rounds and teargas on the ground, killing at least one protester and injuring dozens. Mr Zelaya was forced to divert to Nicaragua.

Stephen Ferry, a photographer working for The Times, was at the airport in the capital where the Army fired on protesters. “I saw a kid being shot in the head, I think he is dead,” Mr Ferry said. “There are lots of injured — I don’t know how many. They just opened fire — it was completely unprovoked.”

Jorge Alberto Vasquez, a 27-year-old farmer, described how he had carried the boy's body from the scene. “He was about fifteen or sixteen. He had been shot in the head. I carried him the length of two blocks . . . We were all calm, then the army started shooting into the crowd.” He said that four people had been killed, although this was not confirmed.

[The Times is historically a center-right paper, so this photographer is certainly not a pinko.]

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