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 Over the past year, Young Democratic Socialists growth unprecedented in our history. In one year, YDS went from just 15 chapters of YDS to almost 50 chapters across 27 states. This incredible expansion shows not only the demand for democratic socialist ideas on campuses and schools across the country but the desire of students across the country for the power to fight back against Trump.

But YDS did much more than just grow this spring. We spend the spring semester using this interest to organize serious campaigns and projects to bring students and working people together to fight for a better future. From organizing with dining hall workers at Princeton, to fighting for immigrants rights at Wesleyan, to protesting against Trump at Oklahoma U, YDS is turning interest into action at schools across the country.

This interest in democratic socialist ideas was further confirmed when we debated Turning Point USA at Georgetown University in April. TPUSA, whose tagline is “#SocialismSucks”, found that they had bitten off more than they could chew when they agreed to our invitation for a debate. While YDS National Youth Organizer Ryan Mosgrove put forward a clear and consistent case for democratic socialism, TPUSA founder Charlie Kirk was left no other option but to build his case on outdated fearmongering and Twitter memes. The debate was viewed by 60,000 times in just 48 hours.

All Out for Fall 2017

As we prepare for our 2017 Annual Conference, YDS leaders across the country are discussing the concrete next steps for our organization. We will be electing a new leadership, and debating priorities and resolutions to strengthen our organization so we can move forward. But our priority going into the first few weeks of the fall is clear: support and invest in our local chapters so they can grow and recruit for the coming year.

That is what the National Fall Campus Drive is all about. We are preparing to give local YDS Chapter all the tools and support they need to go out and recruit to a democratic socialist organization that will be active and organized.

YDS has not taken on a campus drive of this scope in decades. Our plan is to double our active chapters and recruit 1000 new members in a matter of weeks.

Though this plan is ambitious, we are confident that these goals are entirely achievable given the current situation. With the rise of the right wing and the failure of the neoliberal wing of the Democratic Party to defend and mobilize working people against Trump, students are looking to get organized and fight for their future. YDS is the place for them!

If you are a YDS Chapter Leader, a DSA Chapter Leader, part of a newer YDS group, or even someone who has never done campus organizing before and wants to get started, then this campus drive is for you. We are producing tons of great materials that are designed to support YDS groups so they can be successful. Materials available include:

  • Chapter-Building Kits. Everything you need to do outreach on your campus through tabling, activity fairs, and public meetings.

  • The Activist single-issue. The Activist, the YDS journal, is doing its first printed issue in years. This issue will be geared toward giving new members a sense of YDS, its politics, and its work around the country.

  • A new YDS Organizing Manual. We are updating our organizing manual for chapters so they can use it to build a strong chapter. The manual will include information on how to run effective meetings, build coalitions, reach out to labor unions, and much more.

  • A YDS organizer on your campus. We will be organizing a national speaking tour for YDS and DSA members across the country. A public meeting with a YDS organizer is a great way to top off your fall drive and recruit new members to your chapter.

This drive represents a crucial moment in the development of YDS and DSA nationally. We will need both old and new leaders to step up to make this initiative a success. This campaign will create greater ties between YDS, DSA, and the broader US left. 100 YDS chapters across the country would propel our organization to a whole new status among the campus left altogether.

Everything is ready. We just need you! Time is a factor so don’t wait until the last minute to sign up our the YDS Fall Campus Drive. Sign up for the Fall Drive today!


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