Celebrate a legend the right way

69 years ago today, a Stalinist agent dealt a fatal ice-pick blow to the back of Leon Trotsky's head. Tragic yes, but undoubtly an awesome way to go. This is probably the proper time for a thoughtful assessment of a great man's life and legacy.... so someone please hop on that, while I honor Leon Trotsky the right way.


Recipe stolen from Sanford and Son

Grady: "Here is some vodka and prune juice." Lamont: (takes a sip and spits it out immediately) "Vodka and prune juice!?" Grady: "I call it a Trotsky."

Yes, you may not have the confidence to walk up to an attractive cashier with nothing but a bottle of prune juice and a wrinkled five dollar bill, but I know for a fact most of the readership of The Activist have copious amounts of vodka laying around and have nothing better planned tonight than a 9 o'clock date with Rachel Maddow.

So step up to the plate and drink up to do your part in the battle against the bureaucratic caste enthralling deformed workers' states everywhere (it's also a great recipe for warring against your liver). Side effects include explosive diarrhea and the urge to stand on street corners hawking "revolutionary" newspapers. You might also start yelling at your significant other about the class composition of the Vietnamese Communist Party.

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