Anti-oppression and activist group dynamics

This guide was adapted from similar guides created by the Rainforest Action Network and the Student Worker Solidarity Campaign.

A lot of students don’t get involved in campus activism because they feel like they are not a part of the student activist community. This happens for a lot of reasons including the existence of activist ‘cliques’ or social groups and behavior that excludes women, queer folks, working class, and people of color. For a lot of these same reasons, what’s seen as campus activist communities (and the wider activist communities as well) are often segregated, with ‘white’ or ‘straight’ activists working separately and on different issues from queer activists and activists of color. This guide outlines some of the ways you can address these issues, making your organization bigger, stronger and more inclusive. There are no easy answers and the results of centuries of oppression will not be reversed by following several bullet points. However, examining these dynamics can be a starting point to your group’s commitment to challenging oppression in your school policy and in our movements.

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