A Special Announcement


In case you didn’t already know, my name is Sean Bailey, and I’m the new Managing Editor of The Activist. I took over a few months ago from Jake S., and I’ve been slowly transitioning into my post. 
I wanted to take a moment or two to write about some changes that are taking place this year with The Activist. The changes I will discuss today are by no means the only ones, rather, they’re a few immediate, important updates to the structure and workings of The Activist. 


Firstly, I’m announcing the appointment of two Deputy Managing Editors: Paul Goodspeed and Jake S.
Jake resigned from the post of Managing Editor, but has still been incredibly helpful; he’s edited articles, managed the administration of documents, and helped with coordination between contributors and myself. I recognize that he is a busy man, and I want to give him respite from his duties at The Activist, but I by no means want to lose his expertise and incredible work ethic.
The second Deputy Managing Editor is Paul Goodspeed. A frequent contributor to The Activist, relatively well-known member of YDS, and incredible intellectual and writer, Goodspeed was one of the first people I came into contact with when I started heading The Activist. He and I have a synergy that I want to tap into in a more official way.
The duties of the Deputy Managing Editor are to assist in the editing of articles, communication with contributors, and formatting of posts to the blog. I’ll still be doing the lion’s share of the work; I don’t want to take time away from Paul’s writing or Jake’s busy schedule. These two men will simply be in an advisory and assisting position.
Secondly, I’m today announcing the formation of an Editorial Board. Consisting of 15-20 people who have shown themselves to be consistently good writers, the Board is a group that collectively stays abreast of current events and publishes relevant original articles and longform content regularly on The Activist.
I’ve been in soft contact with a few people that regularly contribute to The Activist to request their presence on the Board, but I would like to solicit outside applications. If you know you’re a good writer, if you like reading the news and interpreting it from a socialist perspective, and if you’d like to be a part of something like The Activist, please contact me personally. My email is mailforspb@gmail.com and my Twitter is @theonesean. I’ll announce the list of members of the Board as the end of the month nears.
Thank you for reading, and if you take one thing from this, let it be this: if you see any changes in the coming months, they will be for the better. None of these proclamations from on high will affect the normal articles from YDSers. In fact, we have an article from Paul Goodspeed that will be posted this afternoon. 
Sean Bailey is a senior at Central Catholic High School in Pittsburgh, PA. He is the Managing Editor of The Activist.

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