2018 Winter Conference

 Due to larger than expected attendance numbers, registration for the YDSA Winter Conference is now closed.

Thank you to everyone who registered!

The Young Democratic Socialists of America is one the few national campus activist organizations that rose up to challenge the threats of the Trump administration. Since 2016, we have grown five-fold and resisted the fascist right, assaults on our undocumented classmates and members, attacks on the academic and university unions. The dangers of the racist right, xenophobic nationalism and anti-labor neoliberalism go beyond our schools.

This political reality has sparked our countrywide conference “Building Socialist Power Beyond the Campus.” We invite fellow young socialists and student allies to attend our event to learn, build, and blossom a youth movement that builds stronger communities at our colleges, schools, and communities alongside a powerful movement for democratic socialism. With the midterm elections a few months after this gathering, it is imperative we catalyze a student movement to hold politicians and power brokers accountable wherever they live. 

The 2018 YDSA Winter Conference will feature speakers and members from across the country to give reports and insights from the frontlines of transformative campaigns like Medicare for all, the sweep of socialist candidates, and the labor movement. Our workshops will be focused on concrete steps you can take in your community or school to build this movement. 

Full Conference Program here!


Advance registration is required. We will not be accepting registrations at the door.

Click here to register for your tickets to the 2018 Winter Conference. Once you buy your ticket, you will be prompted to fill out the registration form. You'll need to complete both steps to fully register for the conference. We also offer a reduced rate for YDSA members (dues paying DSA members in nationally recognized YDSA chapters). Ticket prices will go up after February 4th so get your ticket today!

  • Standard Ticket: $50.00
  • Solidarity Rate: $70.00
  • YDSA Member Rate: $35.00 (Fill out this form to apply for the YDSA member rate.)

Who can attend the YDSA Conference?

Everyone! People of all ages and backgrounds are welcome, whether you are active in a YDSA chapter, DSA chapter, or another area of work all together. This conference will cover a range of topics that are relevant to democratic socialists both on and outside the campus. This event is about bringing together people from a variety of movements to discuss building a vibrant movement for democratic socialism. We offer a discounted rate for YDSA members, but everyone is welcomed and encouraged to attend.


  • Host a comrade for the conference. We want to help reduce the burden on attendees for the conference by connecting them with local members and supporters who can offer housing for the weekend. If you are local to D.C., please consider volunteering to host. We especially request that those who can host attendees with disabilities volunteer to help host.
  • Volunteer to help build/run the conference. As a member run organization we need to all hands on deck to help make this conference a huge success. If you live in D.C. or are attending the conference, please consider volunteering. Volunteers also help ensure that the conference is as accessable as possible for all our comrades.

Sponsoring and Tabling:

DSA has options for tabling at the conference for both internal groups and outside organizations. The deadline to apply for a table is Friday, February 9th. If you or your organization are interested in sponsoring or tabling the convention please fill out this form.


Friday Reception and Saturday Rally

St Stephen and the Incarnation Church

1525 Newton St NW, Washington, DC 20010

For Google Maps directions click here.

Saturday & Sunday

American University, Washington College of Law

4300 Nebraska Avenue NW, Washington, D.C. 20016

For Google Maps directions click here.

 Important Deadlines:

  • Apply for your travel scholarship. We offer financial assistance to attendants who may need it. The earlier you apply the better your chances of receiving a scholarship. We will try and provide assistance to everyone who needs it, but cannot guarantee assistance. You will receive any approval on your request within 1-2 weeks before the conference itself. You will be able to pick up your reimbursement at the conference. You will need to provide a receipt for you travel before any reimbursement can be given. 

Deadline for Air Travel: January 14th, 2018

Deadline for Ground Travel: February 4th, 2018

  • Apply for housing. We will be offering free housing to as many attendants as possible. Placement will depend on availability locally. You can request housing through the registration form after you purchase your ticket. 

Deadline to apply for housing: January 26th, 2018

  • Register under your early bird rate! YDSA is offering a reduced ticket price for those that apply within the deadline. Tickets prices will rise after the deadline so apply early!

Deadline for Early Bird Registration: February 4th, 2018