Young Democratic Socialists is the youth and student section of the Democratic Socialists of America, and a national organization of recognized campus chapters and several hundred activists. We are students organizing in our universities, colleges, and high schools to fight for the immediate needs of workers and students while building our capacity to fight for more radical and structural changes.

We work with labor campaigns to organize student workers of staff. We organize to defend immigrants through campaigns for sanctuary campuses. We campaign to divest our schools from fossil fuels. We do anti-poverty work through local mutual aid programs in our communities, and much much more.

YDS fights for democratic socialism through active campaigns to improve the lives of working people.

2017 Fall Campus Drive

Our priority going into the first few weeks of the fall is clear: support and invest in our local chapters so they can grow and recruit for the coming year. That is what the National Fall Campus Drive is all about.

The Activist

Blog for Young Democratic Socialists, the youth section of Democratic Socialists of America. Mention our blog online using #TheActivistYDS.

The Red Letter

Quarterly newsletter for Young Democratic Socialists, the youth section of Democratic Socialists of America. Mention our newsletter online using #RedLetterYDS.

Latest News

2017 YDS Annual Conference

Young Democratic Socialists, youth-wing of Democratic Socialist of America, is excited for our upcoming 2017 Annual Conference in Chicago, August 3-6th. YDS will be debating priorities and resolutions, and electing a new national leadership to help usher the organization into a new period of campus activism.

YDS in National Debate with Turning Point USA


Young people are building and leading their own movements, and during these uncertain times campuses are centers for heavy ideological debate and conflict. As millennials prepare to shape our world in our image, one central question looms: should our future be a socialist or capitalist one?

Join us at Georgetown University on Wednesday, April 26th at 6:30 PM for a friendly debate on this question between Ryan Mosgrove, National Organizer for Young Democratic Socialists, and Charlie Kirk, Founder and Executive Director of Turning Point USA.

This debate will be livestreamed via Facebook Live on Event Page! If you're local, it is a public event and directions are here.

YDS Makes a Big Impact on Campuses in the Spring

The Young Democratic Socialists have grown from roughly a dozen chapters at the beginning of the school year to over forty groups around the country today. YDS is now one of the premier progressive national campus organizations - on par in strength with historic allies such as United Students Against Sweatshops and United States Student Association.