Who we are & what we do

We are the youth and student section of the Democratic Socialists of America, and a national organization of recognized campus chapters and several hundred activists. We organize on college and high school campuses to fight for the immediate needs of workers and students, while building our capacity to fight for more radical and structural changes in the long term. Ultimately, we are part of the international struggle to build a better world, and we call the better society we are fighting for democratic socialism.

We are proud of our unique status as one of the few national, multi-issue left-wing student organizations in the United States. Twice a year we meet at our winter outreach conference and summer leadership retreat to share our experiences and build a national community. We encourage young socialists to explore social and political issues on our blog, The Activist.

The Activist

Blog for Young Democratic Socialists, the youth section of Democratic Socialists of America. Mention our blog online using #TheActivistYDS.

The Red Letter

Quarterly newsletter for Young Democratic Socialists, the youth section of Democratic Socialists of America. Mention our newsletter online using #RedLetterYDS.

Latest News

YDS is Seeking Editors and Writers for The Activist!

The Activist is the official blog of Young Democratic Socialists. Because of the massive growth DSA and YDS have experienced, we’re remaking The Activist as a more organized and active part of YDS. Until now, The Activist has been a great forum for opinion within DSA, and that’s a role we want to preserve, but we also want to focus on expanding our journalistic coverage of DSA and the left more broadly.

"Revolution at the Crossroads" Full Agenda and Speakers


Check out "Revolution at the Crossroads: Igniting the Socialist Resistance Against Trump" amazing speakers and agenda here.


The event is at the Mayday Community Space in Brooklyn, NY starting at Friday, February 17th at 6 PM and ending Sunday, February 19th at 4 PM. 


There is still limited space to attend. Fees start at $25 and you can register here.

YDS Welcomes Five New Chapters!

This week we are welcoming five new chapters of Young Democratic Socialists that just recently received recognition. We are happy and honored to see such tremendous energy and excitement around Young Democratic Socialists, and are excited to work with our newest chapters to build the democratic socialist movement.